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The folks here at Gnarvana are not only incredibly attractive, they're incredibly skilled. This means that every service we provide is delivered to a damn high level.

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Video Production

Truly our bread and butter.

  • We offer a production unit delivering extremely high quality content.

  • From the idea all the way to final distribution, our team will seamlessly take you through everything.

  • Gnarvana applies unique approaches to storytelling. We ensure your video holds a long lasting impact on viewers.​

  • Post Production workflow to edit your idea in to a polished product. Includes graphics, audio mixing and colour grading to get the most out of your footage.


What are they saying?

All Video Production is undertaken or overseen by Leslie.

Taun plays the vital role of remote editor for us when he's busy in SA filming.

"I am so happy I decided to take on Gnarvana. Their professionalism and levels of attention to detail are second to none. In an environment where my clients could have easily been nervous or uncomfortable, they were exceptional at making both them and myself feel at ease throughout the process."

"Leslie and the guys showed a high level of professionalism throughout my time working with them. Through listening to my music, he created a concept and final product which far exceeded my expectations."

Jake Beirne, Jake Beirne Fitness

Bazigos, Rapper

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Audio Production

A deal on great audio? Sounds good.

  • Industry standard track mixing and mastering tailored to your artistic taste.

  • With a BA in Commercial Modern Music, creating original music is at the centre of Tristan's workflow.

  • Consultations to help develop your sound and artistic approach for both musicians and video creators.

  • Fully composed soundtracks for all forms of visual projects to compliment the rhythm of your edit.

  • Specializing in audio mixing and production.


What are they saying?

Tristan leads the audio department on all of our projects.

'Tristan is my go-to for composed music on every new project I undertake. He's quick, takes notes well, and is a genuine pleasure to work with. At the end, I'm left with perfect music that is tailor-made with my project in mind.'

Sam Zarrin, Editor

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Doodles are important, too.

  • 8 Years of experience in sketching and logo design.

  • A growing collection of wall murals for various establishments to further separate their business from the crowd.

  • With Mark's unique style, backgrounds, gifs, lettering and more can't be found anywhere else.

  • Video overlays that add character and a new perspective to any project.

A wizard with the pen and spray can, Mark is as crazy as he is talented.

The Work Speaks For Itself

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Sights, Camera, Action.

  • Product photography to ensure your goods look great from social media to your own website.

  • Event coverage that captures your day from every (flattering) angle. 

  • Fashion and corporate photography that compliments both your portfolio and beautiful face.

  • Show off your property in the best light possible with gorgeous Real Estate imagery. 

A love of all things beautiful, Leslie takes charge of the photography department.

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