Let's Give it a Go...

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

Setting up the website in February of 2018, I initially had great plans for it. In fact, I had great plans for myself, in general. 2018 was well on course to be MY year. Until it definitely wasn't. You see, this website was made in preparation to document my travels on the road in my self built camper van. So the problem of having my van stalled for months, only to be rejected from driving it by 3 countries (we’ll talk about this later) was a huge downer. I can't use my website then, right? Wrong.

camper van road trip through europe
Her virgin voyage on European tar...It all started so well.

Looking back, I'm disappointed in myself for not writing about all the mishaps that happened. I would tell people I will blog the road trip to gain a following online, but also for me to enjoy and read back on. Like a virtual diary and scrapbook. As soon as the stories seemed to be ones at my expense, though, I didn't go near my blog.

I'm unsure if that decision was because I didn't think people would want to read it, or if I didn't want to remember those stories! Either way, I was probably wrong. So here I am.

diy van buld luton body
My dad playing the waiting game in Germany...if only I knew.

This blog will start with me talking about moments from this year: 2018, to simply get rid of the backlog. I want to remember this year regardless of it being a very lame one for me, especially coming off the back of living in Sydney for 2017. Madre Mia there are some bad stories to tell about that trip, too. Now that I think about, most people would nearly rather hear the bad stories than the good ones. Cynical bastards. But at least there's a few to share, and some good ones...

Wrapping this up, the blog will be a very personal one. It will be mostly my ‘travel’ blog, with some photography specific posts included sporadically. Use the hashtag feature to filter between the types. Hopefully, you will hear my actual voice when reading this. My Instagram is a whole different beast for reading. This, I hope, is the actual Leslie. A stand up guy, he don't need no chair.

camper van diy build instagram
The van being put through its paces. Failing horribly.

2018 was a very ‘wrong” year for me. I'm used to being in full control. This year, though, forced me to react when things didn't go my way. I actually did enjoy it when I look back. I just cringe at some of the decisions. Okay, at ‘a lot’ of the decisions. It's fine, though. I've put on my big boy pants and damn they fit well. My ass has really grown in, I swear. And with all these experiences, I truly believe it will make travelling in the van that much sweeter, more efficient and be one of the highlights of my 20’s.

boy in broken smile as his life washes away
The face of a broken man. Germany, you've been good to me.

So. If you've read this far, I'm off to a good start. It might be tough to keep your attention moving forward with it, though. I'll make sure to include pretty pictures and trendy drone footage in to the blog. Add some flavour. Spice, even. Oh, and I'll be sure to add those Amazon affiliate links once some traffic comes in. I'm desperate. I don't even care; I'm open about it. Anyway, hasta luego doods, stay safe for me.

Talk soon,

Leslie x

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