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Filming In The Italian Mountains

Instagram is an excellent tool.

After dropping Morgan off at the airport, Leslie had to find someone or something to take his mind off the loneliness that would soon set in. He had an outlet, though. The mighty Instagram.

Carrying the dreadfully heavy camera.

Instagram is a fantastic time killer, but also a dangerous mind number. However, after searching many hashtags of #italyski and so on, he found his man. Cue Enrico, a snowboard instructor and ultra marathon runner. Leslie dropped him a message to set up a video shoot and it was a resounding yes.

A hunk at work.

A few weeks later and it was time to shoot. The region we had to film in was Abruzzo, but more precisely Castel Di Sangro. Nestled in to the mountains, it seems to be the most sporty town in the world. Football pitches, countless tennis courts, running tracks and ski resorts take up a lot of the town and its surrounding area. It’s gorgeous.

The star of the show, Enrico.

The topic we wanted to cover was endurance running and the mindset you need to have to be successful in that field. We worked together on his script before ever meeting each other, but it was all so seamless. Leslie travelled from Rome and picked up some rental gear before making the 250km journey. The van was pulling to the right the entire time, and only getting worse, so on our last day filming, the prince of Rome, Giorgio, helped out and also brought back the gear.

The outskirts of Castel DI Sangro.

The 3 days consisted of morning and evening shoots. Practically everything was b roll except for a sit down interview. With a guy like Enrico, it made everything so easy. He would run after the car, take after take, in 0°C weather with sideways snow. It’s always great to have talent that is so determined.

We had some amazing backdrops.

The video is currently in post production and we’re keen to see how this comes out.

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