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7. Travelling in a Pandemic

Written by Leslie.

It hit me the other day, I haven't been in the van outside of the pandemic. I realised that it's probably a very different experience. Ironically, I'm travelling when not many others are, but to me, this is all normal. 

It's strange. It really hit me as I was driving up through Italy and I saw so few campers on the road. In Europe, there's always a few. However, Covid and Winter are big factors, so let's see the main pro and con.


The Pro 

With so few campers, it is so, so stress free. I have never worried that I might not have space available to park the van. All of the resources are still available, but instead of expecting 40 campers trying to park or get water etc, it's usually just me. 

This is great for the fact that there is always space to be found, but you can also get away with certain things, too. You're the only van there, you're basically invisible to everyone. It's chill, comfortable and a lifestyle you could surely get used to.

The Con

Well, there's no campers! The community feel is completely absent. There can be a nice atmosphere when a few campers are parked in an area for the night, with everyone understanding the mutual love for travel and being outdoors. That has definitely disappeared. 

It hasn't bothered me, as there are always locals to meet and being alone is no problem. People differ, however. Some might feel lonely, or scared. I never feel like that, but I can't speak for everyone when it comes to that.

Not bothered reading, or just adore my voice? Watch below for a slightly more in depth recap.


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