3. House Life vs Van Life

Spending a week by the Amalfi coast made the van a bit of a liability. 

We checked out campsites, however most were at least twenty euro a night.

For some reason, a villa was available on AirBnB for a whopping 115 euro. Cheaper than any campsite, it was a no brainer.

Here's the main pro to living in a house vs a van.

A Pro To #HouseLife


Okay, there's a big list that can be written here.

First off, we have running, hot water. That is a luxury. We also have a kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, rooftop balcony and bathroom. It's a new world.

The best way to bring van life to a reality is to think about your bathroom right now. When living in a van, you have to have everything with you and functioning in a space probably HALF the size of your bathroom. 

It quickly becomes a 'how the f-?'

So having a space so much bigger and secure than the van was a pleasure. The pros to a house are insanely obvious.

A Con To #HouseLife

With all of the structure and stability that a house offers...


It doesn't move!


With the Amalfi coast, the van was a burden, yes. However, for example, when Leslie was in Montseny park in Catalunya, the freedom of the van was priceless.

When in Amalfi, we have to go back to our starting point (the house) whereas we have become so used to thinking 'nah, it's nice here' and setting up shop.

That feeling is amazing, and can also be a very affordable, convenient way to travel. You essentially travel half the distance by not needing to return home. It frees up your time and is definitely a more exciting way to do it.

That being said...

Our very first time back on the road after our AirBnB was a shit-show. 

We paid a toll to drive in the wrong direction, Google Maps tried to make us go under a bridge that we would have confidently destroyed the roof and we drove down some questionably tight one way roads in the dark. 

It was pretty hectic. We would not have had that experience if we stayed in the house.

But it is also pretty funny to share and laugh at your own pain, so there's that?

Watch below to hear Leslie talk business on the topics above.