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8. Filming a Snowboarder in the Alps

Written by Leslie.

I'm sitting in Ireland writing this, thinking back to a fabulous time nearly two weeks ago. We filmed Jakob, his brother and their girlfriends in the mountains for six days. It was nothing short of amazing to be a part of their lifestyle even just for one week. 

There was a lot to unpack from that week, but let's try do it via some pros and 'cons' (there weren't any, but let's use it as the 'hard parts of the week')


The Pros 

Witnessing pro athletes shredding in the backcountry is probably one? Yeah, I'd say it is. The Alps are massive. Being put in to the thick of it was a fantastic opportunity. To do it and get a free ticket to some high class entertainment was the cherry on top.

This was a bucket list job. Breaking in to sports videos can be tricky, as most athletes have filmers already, and it can be hard to integrate. Jakob  and his family were the most hospitable people ever. We were foolishly invited back for the 2026 Winter Olympics - sorry guys, but we will be holding on to that one very closely for the next five years.



The Cons

The occasional stress was sometimes a lot. You don't really get a second chance to film a line when it takes another 35 minutes to hike up to the drop-in point, and a lot of energy, too. This meant I had to be on the ball. From the basics of making sure the camera is recording, to the more detailed elements of keeping focus and making the shot smooth, you are truly locked in for the minute it takes Jakob to seemingly uncontrollably fly down a vertical slope.


Also, I'm not the biggest slob in the world, but keeping up with athletes, hiking in the snow was a major graft. I didn't let down the Gnarvana badge by any means, but internally, my legs and lungs were both fuming with me. It was like doing a marathon and the training was binge watching the Kardashians - you might finish it, but you're not getting away without some punishment. (I'm referring to the marathon, but it also fits for the Kardashians season binge, too.)

Not bothered reading, or just adore my voice? Watch below for a slightly more in depth recap.

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