1. Wanna Come Inside My Van?

Welcome, our dear newsletter readers.

What's the point of a newsletter without a little perk action? 

We have no idea. So welcome to the realness of van living.

Here, we will share some insights in to van living and what goes on behind the scenes in our day-to-day life.

Let's look at life from inside.

The Start-Up Phase.

Most people that build a campervan test it out with a few practice runs. 

This would be a few weekends away while they continue to iron out the creases.


We did not do that.

Due to geographical logistics, it wasn't possible to take the old girl out and see what she is made of. We built it, and then we lived in it.

It was no surprise to see drawers fully out, salt shakers on the ground and boxes out of place after a long or short drive in the van. It was annoying, but nothing that hooks and bungee straps couldn't fix. It also felt rewarding to park and find less things on the floor. 

Pride comes in all shapes and sizes...

Here's a main Pro and Con from the starting phase in the van.


Starting. That's it. 

It sounds weird, but to have finally started is the biggest pro that we could have.

Of course, the practice phase would have been extremely helpful, but the hardest part can be just starting. It wasn't long before the stress of everything numbed down in to normality yet again. 

Something so crazy to us has now become our (happy) reality. 

If you are personally planning a project, or have goals in general, fear is going to be the biggest obstacle. It only takes a few seconds to let fear and doubt over-ride your thought process. Push it to the side and realise there was nothing to worry about in the first place.



Mind you, we are only talking about the initial starting phase here. However, the stress at the start of this trip was tough.

The van is big! It's not the Citroen C4 we're used to driving. All of a sudden we were behind the wheel of an extra long wheelbase, 3.2m high van and driving on 'the wrong side' of the road for good measure.

Leslie actually clipped the window on the very first drive. It was embarrassing and confidence shattering. Like everything, though, he got over it. 

Now, everything is straight forward and fine. That first week though, mamma mia...

Enjoy a quick exclusive video of Leslie rambling on about the van build for your eyes only.